All-New All Different Avengers 1 review

STK688246We’re a month and a day into the All-New Marvel Universe, and finally the main Avengers title released this week. Of the 7 characters on the cover, only 5 of them show up in this issue and they don’t all meet together. Instead you have 2 stories, both written by Mark Waid. The first features Iron Man, Captain America and Ultimate Spider-Man. In the other, Ms. Marvel and Nova meet for the first time. They’re both great stories in their own way.

The first story is the more serious of the two, exploring how the New Marvel Universe isn’t being all that kind to the Avengers. They’ve lost the tower, and many of their former members have disappeared into different teams or are acting on their own for a while. The team doesn’t officially assemble in this issue, but they do face a powerful Chitauri warlord who will likely become the first major threat in this series. Even though the story is more serious, it’s still fun and the banter between Ultimate Spider-Man and Iron Man is great.

The second story is just entertaining. It feels like a Ms. Marvel comic, where she happens to team up with Nova to take on a beast from the Microverse. Their interactions during and after the fight are hilariously awkward. It’s best left unspoiled beyond that.

The 1st story’s art is drawn by Adam Kubert and it’s fantastic. There’s plenty of background detail with both the buildings in New York and the crowds watching Captain America save a family and take pictures in the aftermath. The action flows well and there’s great use of lighting and environmental detail. The colouring by Sonia Oback is equally good, giving the comic a vibrant feel throughout. The second story is drawn by Mahmud Asrar and it’s a simpler look, but it’s also good. He captures Kamala’s expressions perfectly as she tries to figure out what to even think of Nova, and his nervous looks add to the writing’s humour. The colouring by David Mccaig is also simple yet appealing.

This is a great start to what will hopefully be a great Avengers series. The team dynamic is already fun and we haven’t even seen every member yet. The main story looks like it’ll be epic. I’m still a bit nervous about an Avengers team accepting younger members, but it could work out with Waid’s writing. Avengers fans should give this a read, as should anyone who’s a fan of any character involved in this comic.


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2 Responses to All-New All Different Avengers 1 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was really good. A lot of fun. The Girl Cadets scene was hilarious. The villain is charming. The Ms. Marvel/Nova story is hilarious. I enjoyed this.


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