The Ultimates 1 review

ULTMTS2015001-DC11-df54fThe Ultimates were the Ultimate Universe’s version of the Avengers for years. Now that the Ultimate Universe is gone, the name is going to carry a different meaning now. This team is basically The Mighty Avengers, a group of the Marvel Universes most powerful superheroes working together to solve massive problems that’s way out of everyone else’s league. And when their first problem is Galactus, one has to wonder how epic this series will get.

Also, this is my 900th post. It feels appropriate that my 900th post is for something called The Ultimates.

Written by Al Eweing, The Ultimates travel to a planet far from home, Moroder-9. Galactus is about to eat Moroder-9 to fulfill his impossibly large appetite. Monica Rambeau and Ms. America fight his forces from the ground in an entertaining scene, while Captain Marvel and Blue Marvel meet up with Galactus himself. There’s a lot of information dumped in the first few pages, but it’s an interesting look into how the new Universe’s physics may be different. It also references particles from some of the free to play Marvel games. That part was interesting. The issue’s ending implies that the team might become even more powerful, if Blue Marvel can figure out what he’s trying to solve.

The art by Kenneth Rocafort is good. The opening pages are complete with Blue Marvel’s holographs looking at these new particles and different kinds of space phenomenon. It helps break up the starting narration with something pretty to look at. Moroder-9 looks like a planet that’s in the middle of a large-scale attack. Characters are well-detailed in both their uniforms and their hairstyles. The action also flows well. Thanks to Dan Brown’s colouring, the comic is bright, well varied and always appealing to the eye.

In some ways this feels like the early issues in Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run, in that it’s a very powerful team dedicated to taking on huge threats. At the same time, the smaller roster allows for a greater character focus and a tighter team dynamic. Through both the dialogue and the internal narrations, each team member has some sort of character moment in this issue to help make the story feel more intimate. In short, Ultimates 1 is a great comic and anyone who’s a fan of the characters involved, or is interested in a team of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes, should give this a look.


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2 Responses to The Ultimates 1 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I loved this comic. Lots of exposition, but it’s interesting. And there’s a lot of awesome moments for the characters still. Also, it may just be me, but the Monica/America scene had a weird lesbian subtext vibe to me. It reads like an older women developing an uncomfortable attraction to a young girl. Probably not where it’s going, but it’s still how it came across to me.

    Regardless, it’s a great story, with great art, and I am so excited for this series.


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