Darth Vader 16 review

STWVADER2015016-DC11-c667fLike with Star Wars 15, it’s been a while since I’ve read any Star Wars comics. In fact, it was only a week ago when I read the first trade paperback of Darth Vader for the first time. I’m coming in on this relatively blind, so it’s good to know that Darth Vader 16 is easy to follow. Even without the recap page it explains everything you need to know about the story. Is it any good though?

Darth Vader 16 is fun. Written by Kieron Gillen, it takes place shortly after the Vader Down crossover ended. The basic plot is that there’s a rebellion on the Empire controlled planet, Shu-torun that has a lot of valuable resources. What follows is Vader showing off his strategic skills and how unfair and intimidating he is when he’s “negotiating”. It’s a fairly straight forward story, but one that’s a fun tie-over before the next arc really begins. Also, triple-zero is hilarious in his short scene.

The art by Salvador Larroca is fantastic. The opening pages on Coruscant show a breathtaking view from the Emperor’s window, complete with vehicles flying around and shiny reflections off the buildings. The battle itself is grand in scale, especially evident in the two page spread of Vader lifting his lightsaber while dozens of Stormtroopers charge forward. Shu-torun’s queen’s facial expressions show how scared she is of Vader, while still being determined enough to challenge him. The colouring by Edgar Delgado is equally fantastic. Coruscant looks just like the movies at sunset, and the battle is a great mix of different Star Warsy colours.

This is a fun comic, and one that makes me glad I decided to jump back into the Star Wars comics. I won’t be reading them all, but I’ll at least be reading this and the main title, and I’ll at least give Poe’s upcoming ongoing a chance. For those who love Darth Vader, this series is definitely worth looking into.


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