Spider-Gwen 7 review


Last week kicked off the Spider-Women crossover with Spider-Women Alpha, and this week’s Spider-Gwen 7 continues it. Jessica Drew and Silk are both trapped in Spider-Gwen’s world after their trans-dimensional watches were stolen while the trio fought a giant robot. So not only are they trapped in a very different dimension from their own, but that means that Jessica is separated from her newborn baby. Meanwhile, Gwen Stacey’s version of Silk travelled to the main universe with unrevealed plans.

For the most part, writer Jason Latour follows up the first issue very well. The dramatic conversation between Jessica and Gwen really highlights their personal struggles and it shows their surprisingly deep connection. This issue also explores more of the differences between Gwen’s world and the main Universe, some of these differences are amusing, and others contribute to the main story. Most of the humour works, although Jessica using a couple movie references feels a bit off. Silk isn’t in this issue that much, but there are good story reasons for that and she still has more than enough dialogue for the purpose her scenes have.

The art by Bengal is great. It captures the hip mood of Spider-Gwen’s world quite well, while still having a sense of realism to everything. The shop where Jessica and Silk learn much about Gwen’s universe is complete with magazines talking about Franklin Storm’s family, She-Hulk and … Howard T. Duck as president? What? The various controlled products behind the counter add more detail to the shop. Facial expressions do a good job at conveying emotions, and there’s the occasional extra touch, like Gwen and Jessica’s hair blown back when they approach the Mary Janes practicing in Gwen’s apartment. The fight scene flows well and uses the playground environment in interesting ways. The colouring by Rico Renzi is also great. Everything’s colourful and appealing, which fits Gwen’s world perfectly.

So far, Spider-Women is a good crossover that balances story, drama and fun quite well. There isn’t too much story development in this issue besides Jessica trying to find her way back home, but that’s enough to keep things moving. If you like any of these Spider-Woman characters, this crossover is definitely worth looking into, and you should pick it up if you’re reading at least two of these titles.


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3 Responses to Spider-Gwen 7 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was OK. But too many pop culture references. More, too many really old pop culture references. Latour’s referencing things he grew up with, not realizing that he is now old and those references are really frigging dated. Also, Gwen still feels like a bitch towards Silk, and I don’t like it.


    • healed1337 says:

      I don’t disagree with you on how Gwen is treating Silk, but it doesn’t feel out of character for her. If she doesn’t learn to treat Silk better by the end of the crossover, then I’d probably complain.


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