All-New Hawkeye 6 review

HAWKEYE2015B006-DC11-6292bWe’ve come to the end of Jeff Lemire’s Hawkeye run. At 11 issues in total, it’s been a good run, exploring the pasts of both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and rounding everything off in a neat little package.

Also, this is my 1,000th post.

Like the other issues in the second volume, this issue is divided between Kate Bishop’s past and the main story, of which the Hawkeyes and Barney are working together to rescue the child experiments from Hydra. The action scene is fun, and allows all three of them to get in on the action. This is especially fitting since Barney took up a big chunk of the first volume’s flashbacks – it’s nice to see him get involved here. Afterward, the two Hawkeyes talk in a very well written scene that highlights the differences between them, while also re-affirming their deep friendship.

The flashback reveals the first time Kate encountered Clint after breaking free of her captors as a kid. It’s a great moment that clearly changed Kate’s plans for the future, especially since it happened the same day she learned her father was working with criminals. The entire issue is framed by young Kate’s diary entry in narration boxes, which perfectly caps off both stories as a whole.

The art by Ramon Perez is great. There are two distinct art styles, a simple, somewhat classic look with the modern story, and the flashbacks that look like they’re painted in watercolour. The action flows well in both, with a fight on top of a small airplane complete with arrows flying around and bits of blood flying out of people’s wounds. The closing scene makes great use of Clint and Kate’s facial expressions and body language. In the flashbacks, Kate is in greater focus than her captors which kind of mirrors how memories work in a neat way. The colouring by Ian Herring in the modern scene is also good. There’s an overall dark tint in the action sequence, but everything is easy to see, and it fits with the simple style.

This is a great conclusion to what feels like too short of a Hawkeye run. Then again, it’s better to do a short yet great run than to overstay your welcome. Both volumes of Lemire and Perez’s Hawkeye run work together very well as one complete story about two superheroes rescuing dangerous child experiments from Hydra, facing challenges within their friendship along the way. Fans of either Hawkeye should read this series, as should anyone interested in checking them out.

Also now that it’s over, I really should pick up the Matt Fraction Hawkeye trades.


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2 Responses to All-New Hawkeye 6 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was great. Really sweet stuff, and adds to the friendship between the Hawkeyes. Also, Young Kate was a badass. She beat up a supervillain! One who actually defeated Daredevil! I mean, OK, Matador is barely a supervillain. But he beat Daredevil, and Kate just bashed him with her bag and smack-talked him.

    Young Kate was more badass than Daredevil. This is now canon.


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