Silk 7 review

5114754-stl001611Outside of her introduction and Spider-verse, I haven’t read much of Silk. She seemed like a good enough character, but I didn’t feel like reading too many Spider-Man related comics and felt that Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen was enough. That and I’m starting to run out of room in my box of Marvel solo titles, so I might even need to drop one of them when this crossover is over. But of course when Silk crosses over with Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacey in Spider-Women, I’ll happily read more of her adventures.

Silk 7 is part 3 in the Spider-Women crossover, and it’s a good one. Written by Robbie Thompson, this issue takes place at about the same time as last week’s Spider-Gwen 7, but from Cindy Moon’s perspective. She starts off by visiting her Earth-65 family, only to find that she has little respect for her alternate reality self. It’s a nice moment, even if it’s awkward for everyone. It also leads to some disturbing revelations for her when she finds out what this universe’s version of Cindy Moon is up to. It also acts as a further glimpse into Spider-Gwen’s world. I won’t spoil the character who shows up at the end, but there’s a really neat twist to his abilities here. All of the Earth 65 Cindy Moon stuff also contributes to the main story.

The art by Tana Ford is good. It’s a simple look, yet it makes great use of facial expressions, especially the angry glances Cindy’s mother gives her. The environmental detail in the laboratory Cindy finds is great, whether it’s the glowing monitors in the background showing some of Earth 65 Cindy’s nefarious actions or the weird display rooms and glass domes around the offices. The brief look at the young Reed Richards’ work room is a great sort of organized mess. The fight where Silk punches her way through henchmen in a great expansive montage into one panel is awesome. Ian Herring’s colouring is also good. Daytime scenes are bright and colourful, while the underground lab has a creepy blue tint to everything.

This is probably the best issue in Spider-Women crossover so far. It’s a great mix of discovery, story development and character moments. From what I’ve heard, Silk is quickly becoming a fantastic character in her own right, and judging by this issue, that seems to be the case. Although Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacey don’t have huge roles in this issue, they still have some good lines to keep us up with their part of the story. If you’re interested in any of the Spider-Women characters, you should look into this crossover, and if you’re buying even two of these titles, you should pick this up.


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3 Responses to Silk 7 review

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  2. Paul Bowler says:

    I’ve not really followed the adventures of Silk that much, not since Spider-Verse, but she sounds like a great character now, and this crossover event seems a lot of fun. Great review, might have to check this issue out 🙂


  3. xmenxpert says:

    Silk is a great character. Gwen is the “cool” Spider, and Jessica’s the badass, but Cindy’s the dorkiest of Spiders, and I’d say the one who’s sweetest, even with little reason to be. Her jokes are generally really dumb, which just makes them funnier. So I’ve been loving her series, and I love this issue, which has a great blend of humour, drama and action.

    And yeah, Ford’s a great artist. I discovered her last year, when I randomly decided to back her Kickstarter for the third volume of her Duck series of graphic novels. And I like her style. It’s really good at intimate stuff, but also effective for comedy, and she handles action well.


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