Spider-Woman 6 review

SWOMAN2015006-DC11-1920eSpider-Woman 6 takes place shortly after the last issue of the Spider-Women crossover (Silk 7) left off, with Silk facing off against an interesting alternate reality version of Dr. Octopus while Jessica Drew headed out to check on her Earth-65 counterpart.

Written by Dennis Hopeless, this is for the most part a great entry in the crossover. Jessica’s alternate self, “Jesse Drew”, happens to be a major player in Earth 65 Cindy Moon’s evil corporation. He’s also married with two children. Jessica’s interactions with her alternate reality wife are quite varied, going from confusing to somewhat hostile, and then capping off with a pretty good speech from Jessica. It doesn’t progress the main story too much, but it does delve into the main villains a bit, without saying what they’re after.

The interactions between the three Spider-Women at the end of the issue are also fun. Although Gwen isn’t all that nice to Silk, it’s not exactly out of character. Meanwhile, there are several amusing exchanges between Jessica and Silk, especially the moment involving pumped breast milk. On the downside, the fight scene that began in Silk 7’s ending happens in a single 2-page spread with 4 panels, where Spider-Gwen and Silk work together to escape. While it’s a fun page, I was hoping for more of a fight than that.

The art by Joelle Jones is great. There’s a clean, smooth look to pretty much everything, yet there’s still a lot of detail in both characters and the environment around them. Jesse Drew’s house is an impressive place with well-detailed railings, a library with pictures on the shelf and a living room with several couches and decorations on the walls. Facial expressions do a good job at conveying emotion, whether it’s Jessica showing genuine concern for Jesse Drew’s wife, Cindy’s awkward smile after the mentioned breastmilk moment, or the annoyed look on Earth 65’s Reed Richards when both Spider-Gwen and Silk question the portal he made out of spare parts. The colouring by Rachelle Rosenberg is fantastic from start to finish. Everything is bright and colourful, making this a great comic just to flip through and look at.

Although the fight scene between Silk and Dr. Octopus is disappointingly short, the rest of this comic is great. Jessica acting as a mother-like figure to both Gwen and Cindy works really well, and her investigation skills are on full display in this issue. This crossover as a whole is fun so far, and although the story isn’t moving too quick, there’s enough drama and fun interactions that it doesn’t need an overly complex story. With so many crossovers doing that these days, it’s nice to have one that’s simple. If you’re a fan of any of the three Spider-Woman characters, you should be reading this.


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2 Responses to Spider-Woman 6 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was good. Jessica’s a lot of fun. And Jesse’s wife was great. I liked her.


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