Spider-Women Omega review

SWOMENO2016001-DC11-a8dbdThis has been a fun little crossover, starring Jessica Drew aka. Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen and Silk aka. Cindy Moon. With Earth-65’s Cindy Moon as the dimension hopping villain, there’s also a lot of character drama for Silk as her life is potentially ruined by Cindy 65’s crime spree. Written by Dennis Hopeless, this comic concludes the crossover.

Most of this issue is the final fight between the Spider-Women and Earth-65 Cindy Moon. It’s a great fight scene that shows off Spider-Woman’s skill and experience with fighting supervillains. She lasts longer than Silk and Gwen did together several issues ago, even if Cindy’s impressive technology does eventually take her down. Dramatically, this issue also provides Spider-Gwen’s series with a lot of potential drama and even a possible crisis for her psyche after she might have permanently lost her powers. At the same time, the ending feels optimistic and gives us some great jokes. The dialogue between the Spider-Women is great in this issue, and it’s nice that Spider-Gwen seems to finally appreciate Silk more than she did at the start of the crossover.

The art by Nico Leon is great. Everything looks smooth, almost like an animated TV show with a good budget. The backgrounds usually have a lot of detail, whether it’s the buildings and trees in a suburban neighborhood, or Earth-65 Cindy’s personal lab, complete with equipment, lights and a fridge. You can always tell how a character is feeling with their facial expressions. Spider-Woman’s confusion when evil Cindy uses Paste Pot Pete’s power is clear, evil Cindy’s mocking sympathy when depowered Gwen can’t throw a proper punch is kind of sadistic, and  the smile of relief when Gwen temporarily gets her powers back is perfectly in character. The best facial expression is the stunned look on Jesse Drew’s neighbor though. There are also little Easter Eggs, like the Starkbucks sign and the Intento 64 from Silk’s bunker. Rachelle Rosenberg’s colouring is also great. The opening scene is bright and colourful, while the inside of Cindy’s lab is dark and shaded blue.

I hesitate to call this crossover great, but it’s a fun, straight forward story with some great character drama in the second half. Both Silk and Gwen Stacey could see some very interesting directions for their solo titles after this event, and although Jessica Drew isn’t as affected, meeting her alternate universe male counterpart was fascinating. If you like any of the three Spider-Women in this crossover, it’s definitely worth a read.


I’ll also mention that Spider-Woman 8 came out this week, and it’s also fun. It’s basically Jessica Drew fighting a shark man on the streets and in the sewers. Also it might just have the greatest cover of the week.

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2 Responses to Spider-Women Omega review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was a fun conclusion to a fun crossover. Silk showing back up was actually pretty great. I loved the visual gag of her armour falling over.


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