A Year of Marvels: The Incredible review

ayearofmarvel-1Like A Year of Marvels: The Amazing from a couple months back, this collects two of the monthly infinity comics Marvel’s been releasing since February. I picked up the first one just to check it out, and I picked up this one because one story features both She-Hulk and All-New Wolverine, two of my favourite Marvel characters. In the future though, I probably won’t pick up another one of these unless it stars a character I really like.

The first story is kind of about Spider-Man, but it’s mostly about a new character named Gene Grey (yes, the story teases that name a lot) and his distaste for superheroes. It’s a neat look at how big superhero fights can greatly inconvenience one normal citizen while they’ll excite another. This looks and feels like an indie comic, both written and drawn by Yves Bigerel, with Andres Mossa on colouring. The visual nods in the backgrounds add a lot to this story’s sense of humour, whether it’s Gene’s “Don’t talk to me” mug with coffee dripping down the side or the Tumblr-like page he views when he’s supposed to be working. The surprised look in the eyes of an amateur hero and villain when Gene confronts them in the middle of a fight is great. The fact that Spider-Man helps him in the end is a nice touch, and one that will probably soften his view of superheroes. There’s not much else to say about this story without spoiling it. It’s a fun story and a neat look at normal civilians, so it’s at least worth a look if the idea sounds interesting to you.

The second story is written by Dennis Culver, drawn by Leonardo Romero and coloured by Ruth Redmond. It stars All-New Wolverine and She-Hulk taking on a pair of Wendigo sisters. For the most part it’s fun, with Jennifer underestimating the very young Wolverine at first, before realizing that Laura can take care of herself quite well. A mad scientist later reveals herself as the culprit, with her efforts to give her daughters powerful abilities, something that’s personally offensive to Laura until she learns that the sisters volunteered. This adds a touch of drama to a story that’s otherwise very light. It feels appropriate that She-Hulk and All-New Wolverine’s first meeting involves Wendigos. The art and colouring looks and feels classic in the right ways for a comic that’s one big twist on Wolverine and the Hulk’s first meeting.

While there is a lot to like about this story if you’re a fan of either character, it’s not without problems. For one, Laura somehow doesn’t know that Jennifer Walters is She-Hulk, even though she’s known to be a data head for that kind of information and She-Hulk is very public about her real name. Also, Laura quips way too much, although if you transfer some of her quips to Jennifer and skip over the rest, this comic reads just fine. Third, there’s one moment in the fight that would only really work if Laura’s entire skeleton is adamantium – only her claws are. I can’t really think of any She-Hulk related complaints.

Considering this issue costs $5, I’d only recommend it if both of these stories interest you. Otherwise, you could easily buy one story on its own digitally. They’re both fun reads, but neither of these stories are anything special. One’s a fun look at superheroes from the eyes of a normal civilian, and the other’s an enjoyable team-up between two legacy characters. I feel like both of these stories are about the same quality, just in different ways, so I’m giving them the same score.


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