All-New Wolverine 11 review

ANWOLV2015011_DC11-580x880The problem with a superhuman with prophetic abilities is that there’s the chance some of his or her prophecies will end up fulfilling themselves. Sometimes predictions won’t happen if you don’t interfere with what could have been a non-situation. That’s basically what happens in All-New Wolverine 11, but I won’t spoil the specifics.

All-New Wolverine 11, written by Tom Taylor, picks up exactly where the last issue left off. Captain America, along with a small army of SHIELD soldiers, shows up at Laura’s apartment, intending to take Old Man Logan in. The comic starts off with everyone trying to be rational about the situation, a nice change from characters acting irrational in the main Civil War II event (even if there are good dramatic reasons behind it). Gabby is adorable as always when she meets Captain America, not knowing when to stop saluting. Of course when both Laura and Logan can hear Maria Hill talking into Captain America’s earpiece, the situation deteriorates fast.

There’s a brief fight between All-New Wolverine and Captain America, where she’s clearly outmatched on the strength front, but manages to hold him off using her acrobatics, strategy and enough skill to at least slow him down. Better yet, when he chases after Logan and Gabby, she doesn’t chase after them until grabbing one of SHIELD’s tranquilizer guns first, slowing the cap down. There are a couple good jokes thrown in here to ease up this comic’s intense mood, most notably the second room Logan and Gabby run through, and Gabby’s reaction. The situation goes south at the end of this issue when SHIELD’s actions put Logan in a berserker rage, removing whatever rational thought he showed earlier in this issue. Without spoilers, it’s hard not to get very worried about how this comic ends, but it’s a very effective ending.

The art by Ig Guara is good for the most part. There’s great use of angles throughout the comic, like showing Logan on the balcony while Laura is seen on the phone inside the apartment window, and the close-up on Captain America’s face while Jonathan the Unstoppable (Gabby’s pet wolverine) escapes Gabby’s room in the background. The action flows very well, showcasing Laura’s acrobatics and alternating between close-ups of what she’s doing with her claws and wider shots to catch a glimpse of Jonathan biting a SHIELD agent’s leg. Facial expressions do a good job at conveying emotions, although there are times when the shapes of their faces seem to change a little bit. The colouring by Michael Garland is good. As a comic taking place in the early morning there is a lot of brown and slightly washed out, but there’s enough variety to make this a colourful book.

All-New Wolverine continues to be the best X-Men book on the market. The action is intense in all the right ways, and there’s a great balance between fun and drama.  If this issue’s cliffhanger ending is anything to go by, the next issue might just be the most intense one yet, both in terms of action and drama. X-23 fans should be buying this series, period. Fans of the original Wolverine should at least give this series a chance, especially since Old Man Logan is in the last three issues.


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I am a relatively new comic book fan writing this blog for other new comic book fans and/or people who are interested in comics but don't know where to start. I've always been interested in writing, to the point where I have a college Creative Writing Certificate and I'm currently a year 2 Journalism student. I also have another blog where I mostly make fun of bad movies - As for how I got into comics, I've always had a passing interest in superheroes: most notably Batman, Spider-man and the X-Men. Until February of 2011 (I think,) my only experience with any of these franchises came from the movies and video games. Shortly after I bought Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 however, I decided to check out X-23, Wolverine's female clone. I ended up reading her Innocence Lost origin story and enjoyed it. From there, I started reading various X-Men comics and it quickly exploded into my newest hobby. My other interests/hobbies include video games, movies, music, playing sports, my dogs and weird news.
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2 Responses to All-New Wolverine 11 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was great. I love Gabby. She’s so wonderful. Her interactions with Steve are really fun. I’m disappointed we didn’t see more of the Laura/Steve fight, as I’m pretty sure those two would be awesome to watch fight. I’m hoping for a fake-out of some type with the ending.


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