Detective Comics 940 review

detective940_notimIn the previous issue, a fleet of armed drones were sent by Colonel Kane to wipe out supposed members of the League of Shadows, with no way of shutting them off until their targets are eliminated. Being a masterful hacker, Timothy Drake (Red Robin) reconfigured them so that he was the sole target, willingly sacrificing himself to save hundreds. The comic ended with all of these drones catching up to him and preparing to attack.

Picking up exactly where this issue left off, Detective Comics 940 is really intense. It’s hard to talk about James Tynion IV’s writing too much without spoiling the story, so I’ll start with the art by Eddy Barrows and the colouring by Adriano Lucas. The art is very good, with plenty of detail and great facial expression work. Throughout the first half of the comic, there’s a major scene taking place in Colonel Kane’s control room, where Batwoman is facing down her father while Timothy Drake’s fight plays on the screens in the background with a yellow tint. Although Drake’s fight is often obscured by characters in the foreground, it’s a great way to show two conflicts at once, in a way that intensifies the drama. Batwoman looks downright intimidating when she’s facing down with her father, and there’s a perfect amount of blood spraying out of his mouth when she punches him. There’s also a lot of debris in Drake’s fight when Batman and Batwoman arrive at the scene later. Even though most of this comic takes place in dark areas, it’s still plenty colourful and it’s always easy to see what’s going on.

As for the writing, the conversation between Batwoman and her father is very intense in all the right ways. You can tell that Kate Kane is completely torn up by Colonel Kane’s actions, yet he refuses to let his people attack her, showing that he still cares. There’s a lot more character drama, but saying anything about it would be spoiling the comic. Let’s just say that it’s a very emotionally satisfying issue, in addition to the great action scenes. Even the exposition feels intense. The ending mostly teases the Night of the Monster Men crossover starting next week, but that’s fine.

If you’re the least bit interested in a Batman team book, pick this series up. Seriously, it’s that good. This is easily the best comic I’ve read so far this month, and that includes last week’s very good Batman issue.


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2 Responses to Detective Comics 940 review

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  2. Paul Bowler says:

    Detective Comics #940 was a great issue, enjoying this run so much. Awesome artwork as well.


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