Superman 8 review

sm-cv8-dsAlthough I’m enjoying the Night of the Monster Men Batman crossover, I wouldn’t call it anything special and it’s kind of hard to review. It’s basically a monster story featuring Batman characters. If that sounds interesting, then pick it up. If not, then it’s probably not for you. I’m honestly not sure what else to say about it. Instead, I’ll continue reviewing Superman, which is so far a delightful series that’s almost more about Clark, Lois and their son Jon than it is about Superman.

Superman 8, written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, starts off innocent enough with Jon working on a science project. Through a series of weird events, this science project somehow combines with a part of the Fortress of Solitude and teleports Clark, Jon and Krypto to a mysterious island. The rest of this comic is split between Superman trying to figure out what’s going on and a couple dinosaur fights. The mystery of the island is enjoyable, and something about the island seems to be trapping Clark and Jon there. There’s a touch of creepiness with all the skeletons from fallen soldiers from the past, but for the most part this comic is just fun. It’s also great to see how much Jon seems to be enjoying his abilities now that he’s starting to get used to them.

The art by Doug Mahnke is great.  There’s a clean look to everything, and there’s also a lot of detail in the backgrounds. Jon’s desk in the fortress is complete with bottles of liquids with reflective glares, some food including a half-eaten apple, and his science project floating above the center light. His cape wrinkles realistically when Krypto grabs onto it. His facial expression changing from excited to confused when his project starts flying around before he even programmed it is great. The island itself is covered in military wreckages of various types, the ship is rusty on the bottom half, and the mist obscuring the backgrounds just enough to keep the mysterious feel while still showing hills and trees. The action flows well, with a good amount of giant teeth flying out after Jon punches one flying dinosaur in the mouth. The colouring by Wil Quintana is also great. Everything is bright and colourful, and the white mist in front of some of the dinosaurs almost looks real.

The DC Rebirth Superman series continues to be a joy to read. Jon is a great character who’s balanced between having some of Superman’s powers while still being a kid at heart. Although Lois isn’t in this particular issue and probably won’t show up for most of this story arc, the family feel is part of why this series works so well. If you like Superman, you should read this series if you haven’t already, and this issue is a good starting point.


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