Superman 10 review

superman10bSuperman and Batman have a unique relationship in the Superhero world. Even though they couldn’t be any more different, they get along very well when they need to, and they make for an extremely capable duo. But what happens when their sons, Jon Kent and Damien Wayne meet? That’s pretty much this issue.

Written by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, Superman 10 starts off with Jon in school with his neighbor/friend, Kathy. In two pages it establishes both a minor plot point and a character we’ll see later in this issue, plus a minor dramatic moment all at once. While the rest of this issue is great, these two pages are very effective in more ways than one. Without spoilers, Jon and Damien meet up soon enough, and even though their fathers generally get along, their children don’t get off to a great start. Saying anything else would spoil the fun of this issue. It makes for a fun comic while the ending also suggests that this meeting will continue at least for one more issue.

Gleason also handles the art, and it’s good. The opening pages in the school are complete with a lot of background detail, including Merry Christmas banners, wreaths on a classroom door, loose pages all over the ground and a couple kids chasing each other. Other backgrounds include a somewhat creepy looking swamp, a mad scientist style lab that Damien seems to operate from and later, the bat cave complete with all of Batman’s fancy equipment. Facial expressions, especially Jon’s, show a great variety in this issue, from his smile when everyone’s heading home for Christmas break to his look of fear when Damien enacts his initial plan. John Kalisz’s colouring is also great. Besides the creepy swamp’s overall gray look and Damien’s dark lair, everything is bright and colourful. The last page also has a great silhouette of Batman and Superman when they’ve both decided their kids need some discipline.

This is my favourite comic of the week, and an easy recommendation for Superman fans and Batman fans alike. It shows both of their parenting styles quite well while mostly focusing on their sons. If this sounds the least bit interesting to you, by all means pick this issue up.


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