Supergirl 3 review

sg-cv3-dsThe New52/DC Rebirth version of Supergirl has a complicated relationship with Cyborg Superman. Long story short, he’s actually her Kryptonian father, twisted by Brainiac’s technology that rebuilt him after his death. In the previous issue, she learned that for sure, and heard him speak about his plans to recreate Argo City – a city that somehow survived the destruction of Krypton.

Written by Steve Orlando, Supergirl 3 begins with Supergirl speaking with her Earthly foster parents, intercut with Supergirl flying to this new Argo City that’s orbiting Saturn. It’s a very well-written conversation that shows the foster parents’ concern for Supergirl taking the risk of checking out Cyborg Superman’s creation, while Supergirl expresses her gratitude for them. It highlights maturity on both sides and contrasts well with Kara’s struggles to get used to her Earthly life in the first two issues. There’s also a nice flashback with Kara talking to her Kryptonian mother.

The story itself really kicks off when Supergirl and her foster mother both arrive at the new Argo City. Right away, Supergirl doesn’t like what she sees, and Cyborg Superman’s plan are revealed as both creepy and twisted as the issue goes on. I won’t spoil exactly what he’s built, but it’s not hard to guess before its revealed anyway. The issue ends with a big teaser for next month’s entry, which looks like it’ll be intense.

The art by Brian Ching is good. It’s a simple style that works well for this comic’s relatively lighthearted tone, but still captures Cyborg Superman’s creepy side with his expressionless face and his automated creations. Facial expressions do a great job at conveying emotion, like Supergirl’s astonishment when she first spots Argo City, her clear anger when Cyborg Superman reveals his plans, and of course her foster parents’ concern when she announces her plans to check out Argo City. Michael Atiyeh’s colouring works very well. Everything is bright, colourful and helps give this story a science fiction vibe.

This is a great comic. The series is keeping a great balance between continuing Supergirl’s story from the New 52 while bringing in elements of the TV series, just in case fans of the show decide to check this out. This issue doesn’t have much room for Cat Grant mind you, but her scene is quick yet enough to keep that plot line alive. Whether you’re a fan of the TV show or are a regular Superman reader, this series is worth looking into if you want to know more about Clark’s teenaged Kryptonian cousin.


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