Superman 15 review


For the most part, the Superman series co-written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason has been a great family drama that happens to contain superhero action. It kind of looks like Jon Kent, Superman and Lois Lane’s son, is going to be moving mostly to an ongoing series starring him and Damien Wayne, but in a way that leaves this series open to more traditional superhero stuff. I do hope that the family drama aspect sticks around. That said, this story arc is doing quite well so far.

Multiplicity features an interdimensional group of superheroes working together against a dangerous threat. We don’t yet know what’s going on with them, but a bunch of alternate dimension Supermen are being kidnapped, and it seems that their powers are being stolen. This comic’s opening portrays a particularly brutal dimension where the Justice League is mostly made up of assassins. It’s an intense way to open up the comic, and it shows how dangerous the enemy quickly and effectively.

Most of the rest of this issue balances itself between the interdimensional team of heroes discussing how to deal with the threat, and a montage of the team visiting different dimensions. There are several interesting perspectives thrown around and fun concepts added in. The montage shows both universes where the heroes co-operate, and universes where they really don’t. This is all narrated by the main universe’s Superman, who seems to be experiencing a bit of a sense of wonder himself. The comic also ends with him showing his heroic nature, but I won’t spoil how.

There is a variety of artists and colourists working on this issue so I won’t list them here. What this offers is for each universe to be drawn in a different style. Some Universes are gritty looking to match that of their darker heroes, while others look more traditional or even dreamlike. It makes for a well varied comic, and all the artists do a great job at conveying each universe’s mood, with a variety of different superhero looks. The comic as a whole is bright, colourful and appealing to look at.

This story arc is shaping up to be a fun interdimensional journey. There isn’t too much time spent in each dimension, but sometimes just giving a quick glimpse is more than enough to make it effective. As a relatively new DC reader I’m not sure if most of these other Earths are pre-existing or not, but they all look like they’d be a fun little story in their own right. As a whole though, I would recommend this series to any Superman fans.


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  2. Paul Bowler says:

    Great review! I’m a new reader of this Superman series, but I’m really enjoying the Multiplicity storyline. I also like how the different artists on this book bring individual styles to each universe featured in this issue. Superman #15 has something for everyone, fans old and new, and I’m very excited to see where this story-arc goes next


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