Ultimates 2 3 review

ultmts2016003_int_lr2-2I know it’s kind of boring to review three very good comics in one week, but these were the three comics that I felt I had the most to talk about. After 2 readings, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Mighty Captain Marvel 2. Monsters Unleashed 1 is just dumb fun, and it can be hard to come up with a review for that. And of course Batman 15 is the second of a 2-part story focusing on Batman and Catwoman, a relationship I’m not overly familiar with, nor do I care about it that much. So here’s Ultimates 2 3.

In the previous issue of Ultimates, Galactus confronted the entities of Order and Chaos, with the Living Tribunal (the embodiment of universal law) moderating. They mostly discussed Galactus returning to his old role as the planet eater to restore the old order. Other things happened too, like the Ultimates joining up again and discussing some of the strange things that Miss America had witnessed since the team broke up in the first volume. The comic ended with Order and Chaos killing the Living Tribunal.

Written by Al Ewing, this comic begins right where the last left off, after introducing a group called the Troubleshooters of course. This comic follows three separate story arcs that all fit together by the end, each of which add to the complexity of the story. With everything going on though, this comic is still easy to follow if you pay attention. It’s epic in scale, but there’s also some good drama going on. In short, Order and Chaos might be threatening the very fabric of reality, the Ultimates are partially responsible for the events that led to this point, and they might be the only group capable of stopping Order and Chaos. Meanwhile, the Troubleshooters are getting in the way, and they don’t look like they’re slouches either. This is shaping up to be an awesome story.

Travel Foreman’s art is brilliant. It perfectly captures the abstract nature of the cosmic forces, with Order’s basic, non-expressional face, and Chaos’s weird, ever changing head. The background is simple yet otherworldly. Meanwhile, the real world is very well detailed, with a variety of characters in the Troubleshooter’s group, backgrounds complete with trees, powerlines and fences when one member is outside, and a slightly creepy library when the team meets inside. There’s one particularly brilliant panel when Miss America is explaining what’s going on, and her hair suddenly shows distant stars and galaxies, while the background shows another powerful cosmic entity who’s suffering at the time. And then there’s the being on the last page, but I won’t spoil that. Dan Brown’s colouring is great. It’s bright and colourful, with good use of shadows, and when the comic gets abstract with its art, the colouring gets weird in all the right ways.

This series is shaping up to be even better than the first volume, and the first volume was brilliant. In some ways it’s kind of like Fantastic Four, with a bit of an exploration aspect to the storytelling, but it’s crazier than that. It explores the workings of how the Marvel Universe works on the highest scale of power. If that interests you, make sure to pick this series up.


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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This is great. I love the big cosmic ideas Ewing is exploring. And the use of the new universe characters is also really neat. This Tensen is pretty fun.


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