Monsters Unleashed 2 review


The first issue of Monsters Unleashed is just big, dumb fun, and that’s exactly what this issue is too.

Written by Cullen Bunn, most of this issue is split between groups of heroes fighting an army of monsters crashing onto Earth from space, intercut with story development involving Elsa Bloodstone’s investigation, and a kid who seems to be connected to everything. The story itself is intriguing, with just the right amount of mystery. Is the kid responsible somehow, or is he the solution? At this point it could go either way. The action flows well, focusing on one group of heroes for a couple pages before moving to another. Because both issues are dumb fun though, I probably won’t be reviewing any more issues from now on, unless something major changes.

The art in the first issue was great. This issue though, Greg Land is on art, and it’s a lot more mixed. On the one hand, he actually draws the monsters quite well. There’s a good variety of giant beasts. Some are reptilian and covered in horns, others are furry beasts, and there are a couple tentacle monsters, each huge and intimidating in their own way. On the other hand, the tracing is evident. There are several panels that are quite noticeably taken from other comics Greg Land has drawn over the years, teenagers looking older than they should, too many similar looking surprised expressions, and of course the tradition of characters with spontaneously changing hairstyles, including one instance of this happening on the same page. Strangely enough, Medusa’s hair is way too short in several panels, almost looking like a normal person. I do like the one panel where two different Spider-Men are swinging around the same monster’s mouth, tying it shut with their webs though. David Curiel’s colouring is great. The comic is bright, colourful and deals with reflections, glows and shadows very well.

This comic is just dumb fun. Although there are the traditional problems with Greg Land’s art, he does draw the monsters well, which helps make up for some of it. If you’re looking for a dumb fun event comic, this is at least worth checking out. It’s at least very different than the two hero vs. hero events we’ve had this past year.


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2 Responses to Monsters Unleashed 2 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    Land was less Land than usual, but still too Land. But he does draw some cool monsters. Other than that, big dumb fun, with a little bit of Elsa Bloodstone for flavour.


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