Star Wars 29 review

stwars2015029-dc11This is a bit of an odd story. The last few issues focused on a story starring Yoda, from some time before The Phantom Menace. What started as an ordinary mission for a Jedi turned into Yoda getting stranded on a strange planet with glowing blue rocks. He couldn’t control these rocks with the force, at least when he first arrived. There was also a mysterious mountain that the two warring tribes were both afraid of and mystified by. At the end of the previous issue, Yoda discovered the mountain’s secret – it was alive.

Written by Jason Aaron, Star Wars 29 feels like the penultimate issue in this story arc. It’s intercut with brief scenes of Luke reading the story in Obi Wan’s journals, hoping that it will help him in his own quest to become a jedi. In previous issues, these scenes mostly served to remind the reader of what’s going on with him in-between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. This issue’s moment melds very well with Yoda’s story and ends with an interesting cliffhanger.

The Yoda story is the main focus of this issue though. Yoda and a young kid who taught Yoda about the stones, work together to bring the mountain back to life. It’s a great scene filled with well-written narrations and told through the art, showing Yoda’s wise and patient nature. However despite Yoda’s best efforts, one of the warring tribes corrupts his efforts and turn the rock creature into a bit of a monster. It’s hard to describe this comic any further without spoiling the mystery or the fun, but this story is compelling on multiple levels.

The art by Salvador Larroca is great. The inside of the living mountain is very well detailed, and as Yoda’s efforts to resurrect the living mountain move on, the backgrounds slowly change to represent a strange living being. Yoda himself looks like he’s straight out of the movies at times. The tribes each carry unique looks – one paints various designs on their faces and hold spears made of the living rocks, while the others wear more normal rags as clothing. When the living mountain walks around, rocks fall out of its joints, and it looks appropriately massive, making great use of angles while it speaks with Yoda. The colouring by Edgar Delgado is also great. There’s great use of blue lighting and shadows while Yoda is inside the mountain, while the outside scenes are bright and colourful. It’s also worth noting that Larroca did the art for this week’s Monsters Unleashed 4, and it’s great there too.

This is a great comic. The mountain mystery is intriguing and it’s fun to see everything play out. Even though Yoda discovered the main secret in the previous issue, there is still a bit of mystery yet to be solved. Both Yoda and Luke’s stories end in a powerful cliffhanger, even if Luke’s part of the story does show the ultimate end result of Yoda’s story. Yoda fans should read this story arc, and I’d recommend this series in general to Star Wars fans.


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