Inhumans vs X-Men 6 review

With today’s issue of Inhumans vs X-Men out of the way, the terrigen mist story arc is over. Mutants are free to live the Earth without fear of extinction, at least from the mist. It’s a story arc that probably shouldn’t have begun in the first place, being a bit of a cheap rehash of decimation and the legacy virus combined, but it’s nice for it to be over. So, is the event worth reading?

Inhumans vs X-Men 6, co-written by Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire, is mostly one big fight scene in Iceland. As far as the majority of the X-Men know, their fight is only to make sure the terrigen mists are destroyed. The fight scene is a bit chaotic and it isn’t always easy to follow because of how much is going on. On the one hand, it makes me wonder if this event would have benefited from a couple extra issues.

As with the rest of the event, there isn’t all that much dramatic weight behind what’s going on, making this a series of events that are hard to care about. There are aspects of the storytelling that work, but with no real character drama it’s hard to get invested. But that’s not this issue’s problem. The main problem is how this issue handled Emma Frost. I get the idea that she’s upset over Cyclops’s death, but to take it to the point where she wants the X-Men to kill as many Inhumans as possible, almost hoping for her own death, is a huge disservice to her character development over the years. It’s a complete character regression that came out of nowhere, instead of maybe slowly slipping into her former villain role. Also, if I remember correctly in the comics, Magneto can protect himself from psychics through his magnetic powers alone, plus he showed a lot of resistance to Mosaic’s power, so helmet or no helmet, how did Emma Frost completely take over his mind at one point?

The art by Leinil Francis Yu is good for the most part. As chaotic as the action is, it’s fun to see how many characters you can spot in the chaos, and they’re all easily recognizable. The mist in the background gives a slightly urgent feel to the X-Men’s situation, especially when it grows close. Facial expressions usually convey emotions well, although sometimes they’re a bit repetitive, and there are maybe a few too many times when we see characters’ teeth. Also, Emma Frost’s new look at the end is really weird. David Curiel’s colouring is great. The white background of Iceland’s snowy mountain makes for great contrast with all the different coloured superheroes, fire and energy being thrown around and the ever approaching green mist in the background.

Would I call this event bad? Not quite, it does have its moment. It does feel rushed as a whole though. I don’t doubt that they planned to have this event eventually, but it feels like Marvel rushed it out when they realized this terrigen mist story arc wasn’t doing so well. There just isn’t room to expand on characters with everything that happens in this 6 issue mini. The first two issues did show a lot of potential, but in the end, this is just another mediocre Marvel event. It also feels completely pointless considering they could have just called the Inhumans and told them that the terrigen cloud was about to collapse and make the Earth uninhabitable. In the end, it was Medusa herself who pushed the button when she learned why the X-Men were fighting. This, along with the terrigen mist story arc as a whole, will likely be forgotten by most X-Men fans after a few years. I can’t speak for Inhuman fans though.


As for ResurrXion, I haven’t yet decided which team books I’ll be following, but I’m capping it at one series with Old Man Logan in it. Wasn’t the whole point of Wolverine dying to give us a break from Wolverine’s overexposure? I know I got sick of him after a while and I needed a break. Now they’re doing it again. I do intend to give both Cable and Jean Grey’s solo books a chance though, and possibly X-Men Blue.

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2 Responses to Inhumans vs X-Men 6 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I would call IvX as a whole bad. Just awful. One of the worst events ever, even, because this issue actually shows that there was no real point to any of it. Medusa was willing to destroy the cloud to prevent the extinction of mutants. If the X-Men had told her about the time limit, she would have helped. So the X-Men risked losing everything just because they’re paranoid, reactionary assholes. They were fighting for their survival, and they were STILL the villains of the story, and that’s stupid. IvX COULD have been good. But they decided to tell the laziest and most half-assed story they could, and it was awful.


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