Comics of March 15, 2017

It seems like at least once a month, I pick up a whole bunch of comics in one week. This is that week. Also, the three simultaneous Marvel events have finally come to a close with today’s Monsters Unleashed 5. Of the three of them (the other two being Civil War II and Inhumans vs. X-Men), Monsters Unleashed is the only one worth reading. It’s dumb fun, and I’d take that any day over the underwhelming Civil War II and the almost completely pointless Inhumans vs. X-Men.

The comics I picked up this week include Monsters Unleashed 5, Star Wars Poe Dameron 12, The Mighty Thor 17, Super Sons 2, Red Sonja 3, I Hate Fairyland 11, Superman 19 and Batman 19. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added when they’re posted.

The Mighty Thor 17 review

Star Wars Poe Dameron 12 review

Red Sonja 3 review

Monsters Unleashed 5, just as I mentioned earlier, is fun. Kei, the young inhuman monster summoner, learns the full extent of his powers when he summons monsters of his own creation. His monsters fight the leader of the invading monsters in an epic struggle. That’s pretty much what this issue is, a big monster fight with creatures on both sides well out of the superheroes’ league. If that sounds fun, check this out.

Super Sons 2 is good. Jon Kent and Damien Wayne continue their nighttime investigation, on a school night. There’s a short confrontation with Lex Luthor, an investigation where both kids prove themselves useful with their unique talents and abilities, and a cliffhanger ending suggesting that they’re both in trouble. This series is off to a very good start considering I considered not picking it up at first.

I Hate Fairyland 11 is delightful. Gertrude spends half of this issue in a convention of sorts, where she tries to partner up with a barbarian of sorts, who rejects her, before taking on her own fan as a protégé. It gets hilarious when the fan starts really annoying Gertrude, and she learns how messed up she really is. In case you weren’t aware, this series is about a girl who’s been trapped in Fairyland for years (stuck in her 8-year-old body), and she ends up being a mass murderer within Fairyland. It’s a very delightful series and an easy recommendation for those interested in a comedic series, or if you like Scottie Young in general.

Superman 19 is weird. After the reveal in last week’s Action Comics 975, this issue brings the story into full swing. MXYZPTLK’s strange reality warping game begins. As weird and entertaining as the comic is, there is the potential tragedy of Superman forgetting about his son, something that already happened to Lois in the previous issue. I’m not sure if I really know how to review this issue though, so this paragraph might be all you get. In any case, the main Superman series is a family drama first and a superhero comic second, and it works so well. Check it out if that interests you.

Batman 19 is alright. The whole issue is basically Bane moving through other Batman villains, some of which don’t even bother to fight Bane, and others are all but useless. Even Mr. Freeze somehow. Since I’m almost there anyway, I might as well stick around to the end of this story arc, but I’m considering dropping this series. At this point I wouldn’t recommend this, even if Tom King’s run started off really well.

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4 Responses to Comics of March 15, 2017

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Some great choices there. I enjoyed Superman #19, but it was a little strange, maybe that’s because I’m relatively new to this title and don’t know all the storylines? My fave book this week was All Star Batman #8. I’ve not checked out Batman #19, afraid this current storyline haven’t been a favourite of mine either.


  2. xmenxpert says:

    MU is one of the most mindlessly stupid things Marvel’s done. They really need to do more events like this.

    Thor is good, though it’s still an odd arc.


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