Comics of August 9, 2017

Last week I only picked up 2 comics. This week I picked up 8, including both Generations: Jean Grey and Phoenix, and Jean Grey 5 from her solo series. Marvel needs to stagger their releases better.

Anyway, the comics I picked up this week include the previously mentioned Jean Grey comics, Hulk 9, Star Wars Doctor Aphra 11, All-New Wolverine 23, Red Sonja 7, Supergirl 12 and Detective Comics 962. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added when they’re posted.

All-New Wolverine 23 review

Generations: Jean Grey and Phoenix review

Supergirl 12 review

Jean Grey 5 is fun. This continues Jean Grey’s quest to fighting back the Phoenix Force. She makes some great progress in this issue thanks to Psylocke’s help. And of course there’s a big ninja fight. This series is well worth checking out for Jean Grey fans, and so far each guest star has added something significant to the main story.

Hulk 9 is good. Jennifer continues her search for an internet celebrity who’s been altered by some monster creating substance. Not sure what else to say about this one really. It doesn’t delve into Jen’s mental state as much as previous issues – it’s kind of an in-between, story development issue. The art style also feels different, to the point where Jen’s grey hulk form almost looks cuter than it does terrifying like in previous issues. So it’s not as good as usual for this series, but it’s still worth a read for series regulars.

Doctor Aphra 11 is intense. Aphra’s been trying to auction off the Immortal Rur, a homicidal ancient AI based on a Jedi cult, when it’s been activated at the end of the last issue. This comic is a lot of fun in the chaos, and the cliffhanger is hardcore. It won’t be a surprise to those who have seen the 12th issue’s cover, but still. The series as a whole is basically Indiana Jones in the Star Wars Universe, but with a main character who is morally questionable and doesn’t think through her actions very well. If that sounds fun, then you should check this out.

Red Sonja 7 is fun. After seemingly being trapped permanently in the modern era, Red Sonja and her modern companions head out on a quest to learn more from a Hyrkanian and physics expert in California. Along the way, Red Sonja kind of sparks a biker gang war. If you’re interested in a medieval barbarian fighting gangsters in the modern world, you’ll probably enjoy this comic.

Detective Comics 962 is good. It concludes the story arc focusing on Azrael and his successor, while also tying up a few loose ends with Zatanna. In general this is a great Batman team book and you should be reading it if you’re a Batman fan.

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1 Response to Comics of August 9, 2017

  1. xmenxpert says:

    Jean Grey was a lot of fun. Psylocke was great.

    Phoenix was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

    Hulk was good. There’s some really good emotional tension beneath everything going on.

    All-New Wolverine is great.


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