Super Sons 7 review

In the previous issue of Super Sons, Superboy and Robin went out on a night of superheroing, only for Robin to ditch him later in the evening to head out with the Teen Titans. As much as Jon wanted to help out, he’s not a teenager yet, and Damien considers that reason enough that he can’t join the team. But then the Titans ran into a villain they really weren’t prepared for. Some clock dressed villain with time powers somehow turned Robin into an old man, which was kind of a hilarious way to end the previous issue.

Super Sons 7, written by Peter J Tomasi, picks up where the last issue left off, with Jon having been gathered by the Titans for some extra help. There are some great jokes regarding Damien’s sudden old man body, like forgetting the Teen Titans battle cry or his frequent bathroom breaks, but he’s still a capable leader and frightening when he gets angry. Despite his younger age, Jon fits in with the group quite well and proves himself very useful in the fight scene. There’s not too much else to say about this comic without spoiling it. It’s just a fun comic with young superheroes working together. Damien is somehow a likeable jerk, Starfire and Jon clearly admire each other’s powers, and everyone contributes to the fight one way or another.

The art by Jorge Jimenez is great. It’s a smooth, clean look with a lot of detail. The slight cartoon feel matches the comic’s lighthearted tone. Facial expression do a great job at expressing emotions, like the fatigued look on the Titans’ faces at the start of the issue, Jon laughing after Damien needs yet another bathroom break, and the look of fear in the time powered supervillain when Damien Wayne threatens him Batman style. Alejandro Sanchez’s colouring is fantastic. Everything is bright and colourful (despite the comic taking place at night), and the lighting and shadow work almost looks real at times.

There’s nothing particularly special about this comic’s story, nor does it explore any deep issues, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a fun comic about teenaged superheroes (and Jon) beating up supervillains. There’s a lot of great humour, the personalities on the team are well varied and the supervillains are an interesting bunch themselves. This series is basically a Superboy, Robin team up book, and if you enjoy either character, this series is definitely worth a look.


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6 Responses to Super Sons 7 review

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  2. Honestly sounds like a fun series. I’d definitely pick this up (collected or just issues) if I find them on sale. Great review.


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