Star Wars 35 review

I can’t think of a big intro for this comic, so let’s start off with the basic plot himself. Han Solo is smuggling a hutt.

Saying too much about this comic from the get-go would spoil the fun, so I’ll keep this review fairly short. Han Solo is sent by the Rebellion to smuggle an intercepted hutt prisoner past the empire looking for him, and to a remote prison. Along the way, there’s a lot of great dialogue, whether it’s Han being very resistant to the idea at first, the hutt constantly trying to make a deal with Han, and Han’s angry responses. Along the way, there are a number of reveals and twists that I can’t talk about without spoiling something. All I’ll say is that it’s kind of like a battle of wits between a crime boss and a master smuggler. Writer Jason Aaron captures Han’s attitude in this comic perfectly.

Salvador Larroca’s art is great. The faces are so detailed and like the characters in the movie that it’s clear he used references, but it’s used in a way that actually works, unlike Greg Land. Ha’s facial expression pretty much always match his current mood. The backgrounds are also well detailed, like the starry sky while he’s flying in space, the rebel base with its rusty walls and information holograms, and all the lights in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. Other characters like Chewbacca and the hutt are well-detailed as well, with the hutt’s flabby body and Chewie’s hair all over the place. Edgar Delgado’s colouring is also great. Even though most of the environments in this comic are dark, everything is still easy to see. There’s great use of shadows on characters’ faces to make them look a bit more real.

This is a really enjoyable comic that kind of reads like a thriller/comedy. It’s just Han being Han, and clearly enjoying it by the end of the comic. If that sounds like fun, you should pick this up.


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2 Responses to Star Wars 35 review

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  2. Paul Bowler says:

    Sound like a fun read! Not read many of the recent Star Wars titles, aside from the Darth Vader series, so might have to check out some of these other issues as well 🙂


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