Super Sons 8 review

Part of the fun of this series is how, even though they’re friends and superhero partners, Superboy and Robin really don’t get along at times. They argue, they tease each other, and occasionally they’ll get into a fight. In this issue they generally get along very well. As fun as their arguments are, it’s also nice to see them work smoothly as a team.

Written by Peter J Tomasi, this comic begins with Jon Kent and Damien Wayne somehow being trapped in what appears to be an alternate dimension. The planet they’re on is alive and made of clay, or something like that. The mystery is still being revealed at this point. In any case, they’re forced to work as a team from the very beginning. They also come across two of the planet’s few survivors. Most of the humour in this comic comes from the Super Sons and the survivors not understanding each other’s lingo, or Robin getting annoyed that they assume he’s the younger brother because he’s shorter.

This issue’s best scene is towards the end. It takes place at night when the Super Sons get a moment alone and they both share their theories on what’s going on. It’s a good way to show that they’re both intelligent in their own ways, and despite their young ages, they’ve both already experienced a lot. Damien’s theories are more tactical, like figuring out escape routes and learning how to survive on the strange world. Jon’s theories have more to do with interdimensional travel and how their enemy may be connected to someone else they’ve fought recently. The fact that they’re calmly discussing theories and complimenting each other shows that, despite their frequent disagreements, their friendship is growing as this series goes on.

Jorge Jimanez’s art is great. It’s got a cartoony feel, perfectly matching the comic’s tone, and with plenty of details. The forest environment is both strange and familiar with a lot of greenery, small rocks in the background, but some of the plants are oddly shaped. The action flows well from panel to panel. Body language helps show the difference between Jon and Damien’s personalities, with Jon more upbeat and energetic, while Damien is always aware of his environment and he generally looks a lot more serious. Alejandro Sanchez’s colouring is also great. Everything is bright and colourful, with good use of lighting from the survivors’ energy weapons and the shadows deep in the forest.

This is a fun comic, with some great character development thrown in. Fans of either Super Boy or Robin will likely enjoy this series, and this issue seems to be a good jumping on point.


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