Comics of March 21, 2018

Today was a weird day at work. Not so much that I can’t concentrate on writing like I did after a weird day at my old job, but still. Also I’ve talked about my two mystery posts for my Star Wars blogathon. At this point I might skip the mystery posts, leaving it until after I do The Last Jedi. Because I want to upload my Last Jedi post the day it releases on Blu-Ray, and it could help tie the Star Wars movie posts over until the Han Solo movie releases. As that is, it’ll leave me with less than a week to get through 5 movies.

Anyway, it’s time to talk about comics. This week, I picked up Star Wars: Poe Dameron 25, Star Wars 45, Cable 155 and The Mighty Thor 705, making all of my Marvel pickups at multiples of 5. Too bad I didn’t pick up 5 Marvel comics. I also picked up Witchblade 4, Super Sons 14 and Superman 43. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added when they’re posted. Not yet sure which of these comics I’m reviewing this week – I’m sure eating supper will help me decide. Next week though, there is only one possible choice for a full review. That’s Action Comics 1000.

The Mighty Thor 705 review

Poe Dameron 25 feels like a long-time coming. For this entire series, with the exception of a few side stories, Poe and Black Squadron have been searching for Lor San Tekka. They finally tracked him down and rescued him from possible First Order capture. It means that this series will now move into The Force Awakens territory. It’s a good comic, but it’s about time the series catches up with the movies. Fans of Poe Dameron’s character will likely enjoy this series.

Star Wars 45 is fun. It focuses on the rebels preparing to break out the Mon Calamari king from an ultra-high security prison, whether it’s discussing plans (cutting out before the specifics are discussed), or kicking their plan’s early stages off. Not much else to say about this comic without spoiling the fun. Star Wars fans will likely enjoy this series, and with it moving closer to The Empire Strikes Back, it’s starting to get a bit darker while also building up to both Original Trilogy sequels.

Cable 155 is great. It shows us the long-awaited reunion between Cable and Hope Summers, while also giving Cable a very personal and very dangerous opponent. There’s a good dramatic look into Cable’s past and one of the few things that truly frightens him. It looks like this story arc is going to be great for fans of either Cable or Hope.

Witchblade 4 is good. The series seems to be picking up a bit in more ways than one. Alex Underwood is starting to accept the Witchblade, and is even diving head first into a situation she might not be ready for. She’s not going down without a fight though. I’m not completely sold on this new Witchblade series yet, but it’s starting to win me over. It’s at least worth a look for fans of the original series.

Super Sons 14 is fun. It concludes a 2-part arc where the sons of Batman and Superman take on Talia Al Ghul, who’s trying to kill Lois Lane. There’s a well-written confrontation between Damien Wayne and her mother, Talia, and an amusing conversation between Lois and her son, where they’re in public and can’t admit that they know each other. This is such an entertaining series, and it’s at least worth a look for fans of either Batman or Superman.

Superman 43 is great. Bizarro’s son somehow finds his way onto Earth and meets Jon Kent. Without saying too much, this story quickly gets weird. That of course is appropriate for any story involving Bizarro. Like with a lot of other comics this week, there’s not too much else to say without spoiling the fun.

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  1. xmenxpert says:

    Cable was good. The Cable/Hope scene was sweet.

    Thor’s good. Solid way for Jane to go out. Very tragic and emotional.


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