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End of 2021 update

This isn’t quite a home ownership blog post, nor is it only about this blog. This is kind of a quick personal update about how my year’s been, some recent updates to my house, and ideas for movie theme months … Continue reading

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Adventures in Home Ownership – 1 Year Anniversary

It was a year ago today when I moved into my first house. I’ve shared several posts in the past about the experience of buying a house, how it’s affected my maturity, and other things. Instead of repeating any of … Continue reading

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Blog update and new direction

When I first started this blog, it wasn’t long after I discovered a new hobby of mine, comics. In addition, as part of my opinion writing class in my Journalism Print college program, I was supposed to start a blog. … Continue reading

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Summing up my summer of swim workouts

Today is the last day that the outdoor pool I’ve got a season pass for is open. Good thing the weather is good today, because I wanted to make my last outdoor swim workout of the year worth it. This … Continue reading

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Personal update

So I may have just got a new job, and while that shouldn’t affect my Pixar blogathon, it will most likely affect my comic reviews. It’s likely that at least for the next few weeks, I’ll have fewer reviews, and … Continue reading

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My goals for 2018, and some of this year’s accomplishments

So my local comic shop still didn’t get this week’s order. I still feel the need to post something other than my short rant on the comic shipping company. I might eventually write a delayed first impressions post, but because … Continue reading

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Quick comic day update – September 28, 2016

Just so you know, my comic reviews tomorrow will be delayed because I’m going to a job fair in the morning/early afternoon. I still intend to post them, but there’s a chance they won’t be up for a while. In … Continue reading

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Blog update – Nanowrimo

My blog is going on a sort-of vacation for the month of November. I’ll still have comic related posts every Wednesday, but it will most likely be limited to a first impressions post and a single review. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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General blog update – why the Nerd Journals have been slow

This is a bit of a blog-related update. First, I should address the status of my Nerd Journals, since I’ve been slowing down a lot with them. Second, I should talk about my interest in comics as a whole.

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