Comic review – Supergirl 10 and others

Supergirl 10

This issue concludes the 3-issue arc pitting Supergirl against the Black Banshee. It takes place shortly after the Banshee used his magic to completely absorb Supergirl’s body and spirit. How will she get out of this one?

This issue was fairly good. A lot of dream world stories drag on a bit too long with nightmarish scenarios; this one is more to the point – the nightmare only lasts four pages before Supergirl realizes what’s going on. Supergirl soon meets the Silver Banshee’s long-lost brother and they join together to defeat their powerful enemy.

The fight itself is fairly good, although it feels a little short. The teaser at the end hints at what could be a great story in the future. The art looks simple at first glance, but there are lots of subtle details within that really makes it work.

All you need to know is that Supergirl recently met Silver Banshee, some sort of magically powered-girl who can instinctively understand any language. Because of that, she’s pretty much the only person on Earth that Supergirl can talk to right now, besides Superman. The two of them were attacked by the Black Banshee, Silver Banshee’s father, and the last issue ended with Supergirl being sucked into the Black Banshee. I don’t know much about the Silver Banshee in the old DC Universe so I can’t say how she’s different.

It’s a good issue overall and an easy recommendation if you’ve been following this series so far, or if you’re curious to try it out. The last two issues shouldn’t be hard to find either.

I also bought Nightwing 10, Birds of Prey 10, Batwoman 10, Uncanny X-Men 14, Secret Avengers 28, Wolverine 308, New Mutants 44, X-Factor 238 and Venom 19

Nightwing 10 was fairly good, but I hesitate to call it great. It deals both with Nightwing being framed for murder and the circus he recently inherited. The circus moments were well done but the murder mystery feels a bit … weird. Not sure what else to say about it.

Birds of Prey 10 wasn’t that special. It starts a new story arc that has lots of potential, but this issue felt really dry. I can’t recommend this one as it is.

Batwoman 10 wasn’t quite as confusing as the last four issues have been, but this constant shifting between flashbacks is starting to feel old. Also, this book still hasn’t finished its first story arc. I’m dropping this series.

Uncanny X-Men 14 was good, but weird. It sort-of ties into Avengers vs. X-Men, however it’s not necessary and stands on its own. That alone is refreshing considering how many tie-ins felt absolutely necessary in the last few months. This issue in particular is all about Mr. Sinister and his rather genius plan to plague the phoenix five. It’s a very creative issue that’s expanded on in this article –

Secret Avengers 28 is a great issue. It’s mostly written as a letter from Miss Marvel to Iron Man about their mission to stop the Phoenix Force, while Captain Britain also receives good character work. It feels a little behind as an AVX tie-in, but it’s still worth reading.

Wolverine 308 was a fun conclusion to the Dr. Rot storyline. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending as it’s a bit of a character regression, but I’ll wait and see.

New Mutants 44 is a fairly decent comic that can serve as a great X-Men related story that has nothing to do with AVX. It’s not great, but it’s good enough to warrant its $3 price.

X-Factor 238 is another great issue for the series. There are lots of great interactions between members of the investigative team. The only problem is the art – it’s hit and miss throughout the issue. Otherwise I can’t think of any complaints.

Venom 19 was dark. Flash really isn’t having a good day in the savage six storyline. This issue’s good, but don’t expect much dramatic or comedic relief as everyone Flash cares about is in mortal danger.

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