Disney Associated Movies 4: So Dear To My Heart

I found very little details about this movie regarding its behind the scenes details. Unlike the first three Disney Animation Studios Associated movies that I’ve looked at, nobody seems to know all that much about this one. It’s rarely re-released on home video, and the only way to buy it is through the Disney Movie Club.  Yet there are those who consider this a classic.

So Dear To My Heart, released in 1948, is based on a children’s picture book called Midnight and Jeremiah. The original story, written by Sterling North and illustrated by Kurt Wiese, is about a young boy who adopts a black sheep that was abandoned by its mother. Like a number of other Disney Animation Studios related movies released in the mid-late 40’s, it blends live action with animation, although this one uses animation sparingly and is mostly a live-action film.

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September 11, 2019

There’s a lot of stuff going on with my life right now. None of it is strictly bad mind you, but it means I haven’t really found the time to do as much fiction writing as I would have liked this month. Two weeks tomorrow, my brother is getting married. There are a lot of changes going on in my department at work, like how we’ve lost a lot of good people lately (some moving out of province, some going back to school, and others moving to other departments … you get the idea). Without saying too much, I might be one of those people switching departments soon. And there are other things that I’d rather not share to random strangers online. But like I said, nothing is wrong – life just keeps getting in the way of my plans.

I still found the time to read this week’s comics today though, while also finally catching up on Powers/House of X. So here we go. This week I picked up Powers of X 4 and Red Sonja 8. Here are my first impressions.

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Disney Associated Movies 3: Song of the South

Oh boy.

If there is another Disney released movie that’s more controversial than Song of the South, I’ve never heard of it. When I decided to start this Disney Associated Movies blogathon, I briefly considered skipping this one because of its reputation. Yet I’m enough of a completionist (and possibly masochist) to sit through this anyway. Some critics have described this movie as racist and offensive. It’s to the point where this movie has never seen a home video release in North America.

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Comics of September 4, 2019

It’s been a few weeks since my last comic post. Two weeks ago, my usual comic shop ran out of all the comics I intended to pick up before I got there. Last week, I did manage to pick up a couple, but I was so busy with various appointments that I didn’t even find the time to read them until the weekend. By that point, it wasn’t worth writing a blog post about comics. Even this week, I’ve been too busy to write this post until now.

I’m not going to look at any of the comics from last week or the week before, even if I have read most of them by now. Also I did pick up House of X 4, but since I haven’t been able to read House or Powers 3 yet, I won’t be reading that one until I do. As for the comics I did read, I’ve got Fantastic Four 14, Star Wars 71 and Supergirl 33. Here are my first impressions.

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Disney Associated Movies 2: Victory Through Air Power

Way back when I did my Disney Animated Movies blogathon, I mostly looked at each of the 56 movies one blog post at a time. But there were five movies I lumped together in one post – the five movies that began production during World War 2. If I decided to look at these associated movies for the same blogathon, I would have lumped this one in as well.

The background for this particular movie is actually more interesting than the movie itself, at least for today’s audience. It’s based on a book by the same name, written by Alexander P. de Seversky, who was a Russian/American pioneer in aviation war technology and an advocate for strategic air power. Walt Disney read the book and decided it was too important a book to pass up, and personally financed the film adaptation. The goal of the film was to spread Seversky’s politics to the general public, basically turning Disney Animation Studios into a propaganda department for a couple of years.

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Disney Associated Movies 1: The Reluctant Dragon

While Disney has released hundreds of very successful live action movies over the years, when one talks about Disney, they generally think of their animated movies first. Disney Animation Studios is a singular studio that’s existed since 1923, having released their first feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. In addition to their hundreds of short films, the studio has now released 57 feature films, with their 58th (Frozen 2) slated for release later this year. No other animation studio is even close to that many releases, and they’re good far more often than not. I would know – a couple years ago I went through all then 56 of them in order of release in a matter of 3 months (I’m still not entirely sure how I managed that).

But Disney Animation Studios has also been involved with other feature films. You could call them Disney Animation Studios Associated Movies, or Feature Film Productions Assisted by Disney Animation Studios. Yeah, it’s much easier to just say Disney Associated Movies.

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Adventures in Home Ownership 4

It’s now been 3 months to the day since I’ve moved 45 minutes away from the house where I spent the first 32 years of my life. I said back in my last home ownership adventures post that I’d save the last for when everything is set up. Well, that’s taking longer than I thought it would. I don’t even have enough furniture to finish properly unpacking my game collection yet, nor do I have the right kinds of boxes to fit all my comics on the currently empty shelf in my library room. But things are slowly coming together.

There are a couple neat adventures I’ve had since my last post though, and I thought it would be fun to share. Also there was no comic post this week for a couple reasons. One, the main comics I wanted to pick up had already sold out. Two, I spent a couple days at my parents house, and on one of those days, I accidentally left the comics that I did buy over there. Last week was kind of crazy in general. And because they released 4 days ago now, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. Hopefully my comic posts will be back to normal next week. Anyway, on with today’s edition of Adventures in Home Ownership.

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