Supergirl: Being Super 3 review

I had to debate myself whether I’d review this or Detective Comics 955. In the end I chose this because 1: it’s twice the price, 2: Detective Comics is a bi-weekly ongoing series, and 3: Being Super is a 4-part mini-series. So before I get into the review, let me just say that Detective Comics 955 is amazing and if you’re a Batman fan, you should be reading Detective Comics.

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X-Men Blue 2 review

The first issue of X-Men Blue introduced us to the new direction for the teenaged original 5 X-Men trapped in the modern world. It gave us a great action scene to show off not only why the original team is awesome, but how they’ve changed in the modern world compared to their origin. This issue takes a step back to explore where each member is mentally and emotionally.

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X-Men Gold 2 review

Before I get into this review, just know that I won’t be talking about the controversy about the first issue, nor will I allow that to affect my rating. There’s more than enough information online about the controversy if you want to know about it, and how Marvel dealt with it. All I’ll say is that I agree with how Marvel handled it. I just wanted to make that clear.

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Comics of April 26, 2017

So, it’s the last week of April. X-Men Gold 2 got delayed a week, and I’m not surprised considering the controversy surrounding the first issue. I won’t talk about it here – there’s more than enough information about it online if you’re curious. On the bright side, with the recall over the first issue and the alterations on the digital copies and all later physical copies, the original copies could be worth something someday. I’ve got one of those. That’s pretty much the only thing I can think of to talk about for an intro this week.

The comics I picked up this week include X-Men Gold 2, X-Men Blue 2, Hulk 5, The Mighty Thor 18, Supergirl: Being Super 3, Batgirl 10 and Detective Comics 955. I also picked up The Ultimates 2 6, but since I also finally tracked down the 5th issue this week and haven’t found the time to read it yet, I’ll save the issue for later. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added when they’re posted.

X-Men Gold 2 review

X-Men Blue 2 review

Supergirl: Being Super 3 review

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I Hate Fairyland 12 review

Way back, I reviewed the first issue of I Hate Fairyland. Back then, I thought I wouldn’t bother reviewing any more issues in this series. That’s not because I didn’t enjoy it (I thoroughly did), but because after a while it would all be the same kind of humour. After a while, those reviews would get repetitive. That remains true, but I figured it’s time I at least gave this series a second review, because it deserves more attention.

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Red Sonja 4 review

Last month, I reviewed this series for the first time. It took me a while to figure out how I felt about Red Sonja being in the modern world all the sudden. The third issue (the fourth if you include the 0 issue) is where I started to actually enjoy this series instead of just thinking that I did. That said, there was still a lot of mystery as to how Sonja, and an enemy sorcerer of hers, ended up in the modern world.

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Star Wars: Poe Dameron 13 review

For the most part, Star Wars Poe Dameron has mostly been running with shorter story arcs, 2 or 3 issues long at the most. After Poe discovered there’s a traitor within his squadron, he kicked off a longer story arc that felt like quite the spy thriller. That said, he’s been struggling with Agent Terex of the First Order since the beginning of the series. Agent Terex is a brutal and very intelligent warrior, but in this story arc he goes rogue to chase Poe down, even against Captain Phasma’s direct orders.

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