Star Wars 40 review

Since Kieron Gillen took over the main Star Wars comic series with issue 38, his opening story arc has focused on Jedha, the desert planet that the Death Star blasted about a third of the way into Rogue One. The planet is in very rough shape, falling apart and suffering devastating sandstorms almost constantly. But that hasn’t stopped a war against Saw Gererra’s dedicated extremists and the empire from continuing on. Not when the Empire wants more kyber crystals for their second Death Star. Also, I noticed a funny error on this comic. The front cover advertises former writer Jason Aaron, while the credits list Gillen as the writer. Oops.

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Detective Comics 970 review

I’ve mentioned this a couple times before, but Action Comics is fast approaching its 1000th issue. With issue 970 releasing today, and two issues releasing every month, Detective Comics isn’t all that far behind.

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All-New Wolverine 28 review

Orphans of X has consistently been the darkest story arc in this series yet. The first two issues carried a generally creepy vibe, followed by a very intense entry last month. This issue gives us a bit of proper downtime to focus on both characters and story, but it’s not without several intense moments in its own right. And as much as I said the previous issue was pretty much perfect, it’s hard not to think that this one is just as good.

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Comics of December 13, 2017

So I’ve got my opening night tickets for The Last Jedi. It’ll be the first movie I’ve seen on opening night since Spider-Man 3. Considering I also have Kung Fu that evening, and then it’s straight to the movie, tomorrow night is going to be awesome. Also I just finished my X-Men movie blogathon, and I’m planning the next one for some time next year. It’ll probably be all the Pixar movies. The next movie blogathon after that will be all the Star Wars movies, including some that a lot of people have either forgotten about, or have tried to forget about. Yeah, I’ll be doing more than just the episodic titles and Rogue One. But for now, it’s time to talk about comics.

The comics I picked up this week include Jean Grey 10, All-New Wolverine 28, Star Wars 40, Cable 152, She-Hulk 160, Supergirl 16, Detective Comics 970 and Action Comics 993. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added when they’re posted.

All-New Wolverine 28 review

Detective Comics 970 review

Star Wars 40 review

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X-Men Movies 11 – Logan

For now, we close off this blogathon with Logan, although as long as this blog continues, I’ll likely write a review for every X-Men movie as they release. Same will probably go for the Disney Animation Studios movies. Anyway, Logan is significant in a number of ways. First, Hugh Jackman has been portraying Wolverine’s character since the original X-Men movie, released as far back as 2000. He would have been added to the movie at some point in 1999 at the latest, meaning he’s been portraying the character for 18 years now. This also marks the last movie where he’ll be portraying Logan, and possibly the last movie that Patrick Stewart portrays Charles Xavier as well.

Released in March of 2017 (the year of this writing), Logan received near universal praise from critics and audiences alike. Several went as far to say it’s the greatest superhero film of all time. It’s even one of the few Superhero movies deserving of the “film” title (along with The Dark Knight). Which of those movies you prefer may at least partially depend on which characters you prefer, but they’re both very good. Even though Wonder Woman is also very well received this year and deservedly so, I would argue that Logan and The Dark Knight are better. There’s also a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding Logan. 20th Century Fox has even began their Oscar campaign.

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X-Men Movies 10 – X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse. So this movie exists.

20th Century Fox announced X-Men Apocalypse in December of 2013, about half a year before Days of Future Past released. With a movie franchise this large that’s fairly normal these days, but back when they started the X-men movies, that would have been inconceivable. Boy superhero movies have changed a lot since 2000.

Releasing in May of 2016, it would be the first time that two X-Men movies released in the same year (Deadpool released in February). This would also be the third movie taking place in the past, starring the earlier X-Men crew. Like how First Class took place in the 60’s and parts of Days of Future Past took place in the 70’s, this one is entirely set in the early 80’s. More specifically, there’s a scene where a bunch of kids are watching Return of the Jedi in theaters, firmly dating this movie in 1983.

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X-Men Movies 9 – Deadpool

Of all the X-Men movies so far, Deadpool easily has the most complicated backstory, the same way that Tangled quite possibly has the most complicated backstory of all the Disney Animation Studios movies. I’m going to sum it up as quickly as I can. Development for Deadpool began as far back as 2004, and from the start, Ryan Reynolds was attached to the project. Writer and director David S. Goyer was attached to the project at one point as well. It was planned to be released by New Line Cinema for a time, until they realized that Fox owned all the X-Men rights, including Deadpool. Still, 20th Century Fox showed interest in the project. But first, Reynolds would join the cast of 2007’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Yeah, that didn’t go over so well.

Among the many, many complaints audiences tossed at Wolverine’s first solo movie, Deadpool was one of the main ones. They turned the Merc With a Mouth into the Merc Without a Mouth and shoved physically impossible swords into his arms. The largely negative reception halted Deadpool’s production for years, and nobody pushed for the movie’s green lighting more than Reynolds himself. Continue reading

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