Batman Incorporated 4 review

The first three issues of this series were mostly build up. Issues 2 and 3 in particular focused a lot on Talia Al Ghul and the rise of her Leviathan initiative. At the end of that issue, Bruce Wayne in disguise was captured and Robin was on his way to rescue him. Last month’s 0 issue introduced various members of the international team of Batmen and built up the premise of this series. Today’s issue of Batman Incorporated flows naturally from both issues 3 and 0 as the entire issue is Batman Incorporated vs. a bunch of Leviathan assassins. It’s completely awesome!

Everyone has their moment to shine in this issue’s fight scene. Three of the international Batman Incorporated members charge into the building where the fight takes place alongside Batman’s usual supporting cast. Batwing has a great moment where he takes down a bunch of mutant bat men using technology. The mysterious Wingman is particularly awesome, and the dynamics between him and Robin/Redbird is possibly the highlight of this issue. Even though BI4 is mostly one giant fight scene, there’s still room for story development. I won’t comment on that since there are several big reveals at the end of the issue.

The art is great too. As an action heavy issue the sequential art has to be coherent, and it is here. Every part of the fight scene is easy to follow. Seeing all the beaten thugs and assassins lying around is satisfying, especially with their broken fingers and bloody faces. While most characters have their faces covered, the facial expressions that can be seen are fairly well done.

This comic is awesome. We finally get some payoff for all the build-up this series has had so far. There’s not much else to say really. If the idea of a network of Batman-inspired vigilantes interests you, this series is definitely worth checking out. I explained everything you need to know in this review (it is mostly action after all), but it’s well worth hunting down the earlier issues if possible.

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