Action Comics 16 review

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In my first impressions video, I said that I found this comic confusing. After looking at forum posts online, I’ve learned why. A lot of the things referenced in this comic came from before the New 52. It references the Death of Superman storyline and several other major events that Superman was involved with. After reading this comic a second time, it was much easier to follow. That said, I still found it confusing.

This comic is simply epic. Superman is being attacked by an enemy that isn’t bound by our dimension of time. This comic takes place in several time periods, similar to Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder series. For someone who has only read the new 52, like myself, this issue will likely be confusing. For long-time Superman fans however, it seems that this comic is doing some very creative things with older storylines. It’s also nice that Lois Lane has decent panel time and story involvement here.

There is a grammar mistake in the comic however. On the fourth page on the bottom right panel, a character says “We’re did this … so you could go.” Not sure how that made it past the editor.

The art is good too. It perfectly captures the chaotic nature of the situation, while still maintaining a clean look. The colour scheming helps separate the different time periods featured in Superman’s fight. Character expressions are well handled, and the action is never hard to follow. I can’t think of any art related complaints.

This comic is very good for the most part, but it’s not meant for someone like me. This is meant for long-time Superman fans. If you fit into that category, this comic is an easy recommendation. Even if you’re a relatively new reader though (if you’ve only read the new 52 Action Comics series), this will still be enjoyable even if it’s confusing.

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