All-New Hawkeye 5 review

HAWKEYE2015005-DC11-LR-b8ab0So, for the second time in two months, I only picked up 4 comics in one week. As such, I’ll just write 4 reviews and not bother with my first impressions post. To cap it off, here’s All-New Hawkeye 5.

It’s been almost 2 months since Jeff Lemire’s last Hawkeye issue, but having read this, it’s probably worth the delay for story purposes. The ending of this issue connects this directly with the upcoming reboot. Since the new series is already delayed thanks to Secret Wars’s own delays, it’s probably best to spread this out a bit. Also this issue is very good.

As with the first 4 issues of All-New Hawkeye, the comic splits itself between the main story involving both Clint Barton and Kate Biship, and Clint’s origin story in the circus with his older brother, Barney. Both stories mesh together well with elements tying them together. In both stories, Clint is involved in a tough decision. In both stories, the younger person gets angry at their older partner when they’re told off for not being able to make such a tough decision. It’s a brilliant character focused issue that shows parallels between Clint’s early days and Kate’s maturing.

The art by Ramon Perez is great. It’s stunning how in one issue, he’s able to handle three completely different styles so seamlessly. The modern half of the story has a simpler look and a near indie comic feel. Character poses showcase body language to back up their facial expressions, and although the backgrounds are usually bare, but the colouring adds to the mood. The flashback scenes take a more artistic, water coloured approach. These pages are almost dreamlike in their quality. The comic’s end, which sets up the Old Man Hawkeye part of November’s renumbering, is somewhere in-between these styles. Everything appears rough, which adds to both Clint and Kate’s older appearance. Ian Herring’s colouring is just as varied as Perez’s art. The modern pages are colourful, the flashbacks are mostly shaded in greens, blues and reds, and the future pages are faded to emphasize the characters’ advanced age.

I’m still not quite sure whether I’ll be picking up the renumbered series or not, but after this issue it’s closer to a yes. Lemire’s doing a great job at balancing character development, action and fun. At the very least, this is an easy recommendation for Hawkeye fans.

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  1. xmenxpert says:

    This series is still great. Swordsman’s talk with Clint is probably the emotional highlight of the issue, showing Swordsman as a really complex character. And this issue does confirm that we’ll be getting two Future Hawkeyes going back to deal with the Present Hawkeyes.


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